Fantastic Four #11 Is A Fun-Filled Issue Learning About Franklin’s Recent Emo Phase

by Olly MacNamee

Fantastic Four #11 is another issue that allows for some breathing space from the main action that has bombarded Marvel’s first family since their return to the Marvel 616 almost a year ago now. Although they do have their hands full in this issue – problems in the Microverse don’tcha know – only they’re not the main focus of this issue as we catch up with Franklin and Valeria as they are accosted by the DEMV. The Department for Extra-Normal Vehicles. Seems they don’t take too kindly with kids racing around New York in their Fantasi-Cars without the proper license.

But, while this is a comedic issue – as you’re expect with the synopsis I’ve just described, and from a writer like Dan Slott – there is a more somber point to be made too as we learn why Franklin has been acting the moody teenager recently. Okay, okay, we’ll then more than your usual grumpy teenager. And, while the ending is somewhat predictable in its outcome, it certainly gives Franklin a new purpose and role which he’s more than happy with, for now.
Along for the ride on the art, once again, is Paco Medina and Kevin Libranda who’s Mike Wieringo-esque artwork is both fitting for this more light-hearted romp and a reminder of the great work Ringo did when on this title. Its a joyous, playful style, yet still give those more dramatic and world-shattering moments gravitas too.

Meanwhile, as depicted by Paolo Villanelli and Juanan Ramírez, we catch up with a Doctor Doom more than happy to role up his arms and get stuck into the reclamation of Mount Doom. Good to see some royals – albeit benign dictator, in Doom’s case – rolling up their sleeves and contributing to society. Who’d have thought that Doctor Doom would be a good role model for monarchies everywhere. I doubt it’ll last though. But, while it does, Doom does stumble upon a happy accident left over from Galactus’s recent trip to Latveria.
Another fun but relevant issue which continues to offer the reader both comedy and capes while making Sue, Reed and the rest of the gang a must-have read once more. ‘Nuff said.
Fantastic Four #11 is out now from Marvel.

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