Samurai Shodown’s Four DLC Characters Are Revealed

by Sage Ashford

Over at the PlayStation blog, the DLC characters for SNK’s recently released Samurai Shodown were all revealed.  These include the already announced Rimururu, but also Basara, Kazuki Kazama, and Wan-Fu, all returning characters to the game.


Cute and cold have never gone together so easily! Oh, but watch out; her zoning tactics will have you ripping your hair out. Loveable Rimururu is joined by her protector spirit, Konru, as she sets out on an adventure to prove she has what it takes to protect nature. Does she succeed or fail in her journey? Read the first letter of each sentence in this paragraph to find out!

Nakomuru’s sister, Rimururu, will release as DLC in August.


Basara is back and ripping into action with his signature weapon, the Togabitogoroshi. If you thought ninja throwing stars were dangerous, wait till you see this monstrosity. Nobody wants to embrace death more than Basara, but he is one of the few examples where you can’t always get what you want.

Basara will cause players to “embrace death” when he releases in October.

Kazuki Kazama

When there’s an evil spirit bringing an imbalance to the natural order of things, who do you call? Kazuki Kazama, of course! Armed with the Suzaku, a blade which contains the trapped fire spirit, Enja, Kazuki sets out to bring peace to the land and vanquish evil!

Kazuki Kazama will blaze a trail into action in December.


Throughout the series, Wan-Fu has used many weapons to send his opponents to the afterlife. In this installment, he’s picked up his trusty stone pillar to turn people into manhole covers. Wan-Fu doesn’t just drop his weapon, he throws it–you decide who’s going to be on the receiving end.

Wan-Fu and his stone pillar will join next year, in February.
The season pass will cost players $19.99, but it can be obtained for free for players who buy the game by June 30th.  Samurai Showdown is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox players today, and will be available for PC and the Nintendo Switch later in the year.

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