Dial H For Hero #4 Reveals Mister Thunderbolt’s Master Plan

by Tony Thornley

One of the biggest question marks about Dial H For Hero so far is exactly who Mister Thunderbolt is and what he has planned for the H Dial. Without giving us all the answers, this issue does give us enough to see where the story is going and what the villain is after.

Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones, Tom Fowler, Jordan Gibson, and Dave Sharpe bring Miguel and Summer closest to their goal so far.

Miguel and Summer arrive in Detroit, home of a JLA museum curated by the one and only Snapper Carr. However, Mister Thunderbolt has followed them, and uses his psychic abilities to take control of the robotic Leaguers that populate the museum. Can the trio survive Mister Thunderbolt’s attack unscathed?

Humphries continues to tell a breezy and fun story, but he also takes the time to show how much his characters have grown so far. Snapper adds a great perspective to the situation, given both his general history in the DC Universe and his previous exposure to the H-Dial. We also get to see Miguel’s growth, as in just a couple weeks of time in-story he’s transitioned from a headstrong and cocky young man to a more heroic figure without sacrificing his youthful enthusiasm and impulsiveness.

Quinones continues to be an absolute star in this issue, with Fowler and Gibson’s fantastic work alongside him. The opening scenes of the issue are a fun mix of comedy, character work and exposition, with a fantastic level of detail in its pages. Once again, the H-Dial transformations are an absolute delight, with the art team banding together to homage Frank Miller, Moebius and the Sunday funnies in an exciting and very funny action sequence.

Dial H For Hero just got an extension, doubling its length, and this issue gets me even more excited for that extension. It’s one of the most fun reads in comics right now.

Dial H For Hero #4 is available now from DC Comics.

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