The Weekly 2000 AD – Prog 2138 Previewed: The Mills Are Alive With The Sound Of Monsters In Absalom

by Richard Bruton

Time for The Weekly 2000 AD, a preview of all the good and great coming up in Prog 2138 of 2000 AD.

There’s more Dredd in bed in The Samaritan, more folk horror down the wood in Thistlebone, more grumpy grandpa Harry in Absalom, more Psi-Judge Anderson adventures in the second part of Martyrs, and a finale for the excellent Scarlet Traces. Next Prog sees the start of a new Indigo Prime series, but until then, enjoy the delights of Prog 2138, coming out on digital and in UK comic shops on 3 July. Look for the monstrous Tiernen Trevallion cover…

JUDGE DREDD: THE SAMARITAN – PART 3 – Kenneth Niemand, Staz Johnson, colors Chris Blythe, letters Annie Parkhouse

Dredd’s still bed-bound, recovering from his injuries whilst The Samaritan tries to figure out how to save him without getting herself in the iso-cubes. He’s not taking it lying down… or at least he’s trying not to.

Meanwhile, the brilliant comedy double act of Judge Wrex and Robo-Judge Patsy are on the case. Really, Nieman does have a great line of comedy here, mixing it in so well with the more serious stuff of Dredd’s medical dilemma.

THISTLEBONE – PART 4 – TC Eglington, Simon Davis, letters by Annie Parkhouse

Cult escapee Avril is feeling increasingly disturbed on her return to Harrowvale in the latest Thistlebone, the feeling of dread and fear seems almost palpable through everything that happens in here.

Yes, it’s a slow, slow build, but damn, it’s a good one. And Davis’ artwork is truly spectacular. The folk horror tale looks as good as it reads.


ANDERSON PSI-DIVISION: MARTYRS – Emma Beeby. Aneke, colors by Barbara Nosenzo, letters by Simon Bowland

Psi-Judge Karyn is out of control and even Anderson doesn’t know if she can save her from her own demons. But that’s a secondary consideration right now, as the race is one to save her from the monster that’s taken her. The real question Anderson needs to answer is just where she’s been taken and who’s behind it.

More mysteries in Anderson, as Beeby lays the groundwork and Aneke’s artwork does a fine job, more traditional 2000 AD art than most of the Prog, but still looking very good.

SCARLET TRACES: HOME FRONT – Part 12 – FINAL PART – Ian Edginton and D’Israeli, letters Ellie De Ville

The final episode of Scarlet Traces: Home Front really does drop a bombshell in the first couple of pages, with a Venusian fleet coming into Earth orbit – it appears the cavalry really has arrived.

As always, D’Israeli’s art is a standout here, his colours and linework just superb. But it’s also been a wonderfully grounded way of telling a grand sci-fi adventure, thanks to Edginton keeping everything close to the various groups involved. Excellent strip and it’s going to be wonderful to see it return soon with Scarlet Traces: Storm Front.

ABSALOM: TERMINAL DIAGNOSIS – PART 3 – Gordon Rennie, Tiernan Trevallion, letters Ellie De Ville

As Harry Absalom ventures further into the Mills now, his forces spread too thin, and the monsters are around every single corner. Big, bad, very nasty monsters.

It really does have a feel that there’s not going to be many happy endings for this one, but that’s possibly the most fitting way to end this.

Rennie and Trevallion do make a superb team here, with a seamless flow through the tale. A real pleasure to end this Prog.

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