Betraying The Team For The Team – GLOW #3 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
After a late-night part, Ruth manages to get Anasthesia, the head of the Star Primas, to work with her and the GLOW girls for the big match. The two women set up who will fight who, and who will win. Unfortunately, the other GLOW girls aren’t super happy about knowing that they’re going to go down in the ring. As a result, Ruth goes to Sam for advice. Meanwhile, Carmen is afraid she won’t be able to wrestle without her brothers finding out, and she goes to Desdemona for advice.

GLOW #3 cover by Hannah Templer
GLOW #3 cover by Hannah Templer

GLOW #3 continues the story of the GLOW girls and their big match against the Star Primas. Ruth is trying to work with the Star Primas to make something worthwhile out of the experience, but it may mean her throwing the GLOW girls under the bus.
Like the previous two issues, there is a degree of cartoonishness to the whole thing that isn’t so much in the show. Even the big conflict of comic feels a little lighter than some of what we see in the Netflix series. That said, the characters read true, especially Ruth and Carmen.
Plus, it’s all still quite entertaining, and that is the true purpose of a comic. The characters are likable, there is plenty of humor, and the conflict is still compelling.
We get more Sam in this issue than we have in the last two, and I definitely appreciated that.
GLOW #3 art by Hannah Templer, Rebecca Nalty, and letterer Christa Miesner
GLOW #3 art by Hannah Templer, Rebecca Nalty, and letterer Christa Miesner

Hannah Templer’s artwork remains cute and stylish. It does infantilize the GLOW girls somewhat at times, but it matches the tone of the comic well. Plus, it does look good, and it has a decent texturing to it. Rebecca Nalty’s color work is vibrant and off-kilter in that 1980’s way, and it looks damn good.
GLOW #3 is another enjoyable entry into the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling saga. We get to see Ruth try to scrounge together a decent show for the girls, even if it means making decisions without her team’s input. Plus, we get to see the continued internal turmoil of Carmen and her wrestling heritage. It all makes for solid reading and a book worth recommending. Feel free to check this one out.
GLOW #3 comes to us from writer Tini Howard, artist and cover artist Hannah Templer, color artist Rebecca Nalty, letterer Christa Miesner, and variant cover artists Nicolette Baldari and Jenn St-Onge.
Final Score: 7.5/10

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