Bartlett’s Survival Hangs In The Balance: Redneck #21

by Brendan M. Allen

Evil—like, the actual guy named Evil who used to be their ally—is coming for the Bowmans. If they hope to survive, JV is going to have to make the hardest choice he’s ever made…

Welp. This is it. Redneck #21 is where we see if there’s anything that can actually be done for Bartlett, or if all the sacrifices made up to this point are for naught. Desperate as they are, the Bowman clutch (what’s left of them, anyway) will go to almost any lengths to regain their sense of normalcy. Except, even if they get Bartlett back, there’s still that little matter of paying for the favor. Carrona’s services won’t exactly be cheap.
Donny Cates keeps finding ways to keep the Bowman saga fresh. Keeps backing them into corners and them letting them work their way out. Up until this point, the Bowman brood has been trying to fit into polite (ish) society as monsters among men. Now, there’s a whole new set of challenges as the Bowmans have to find their places among other monsters, who, oddly enough, seem to hate the new kids as much as the humans did back home.

Lisandro Estherren and Dee Cunniffe get to dial the gore back up in this chapter. One of the hardest things to look at in this whole series is Bartlett, stripped bare and vulnerable, at the mercy of Carrona. The wasted face, the gaping hole where Bartlett’s jaw once was… it’s almost too much to take in. Almost.
Redneck continues to be a compelling, emotional read. As we follow the Bowmans through this latest turn, it doesn’t really look like they’ll ever find the peace they so desperately seek. Oh, yeah. Evil’s back. He doesn’t really seem like the biggest threat on the horizon any more. Sounds like there’s an all out war coming, and the remaining Bowmans are just the folks to kick that sucker off.
Oh, and Perry? If you didn’t remember the mayhem last time she was pissed off, this chapter should serve to remind you that kid is not to be trifled with.

Redneck #21, Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment, released 26 June 2019. Created by Donny Cates (script) and Lisandro Estherren (art), color by Dee Cunniffe, letters by Joe Sabino.

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