New Anime Film And Series Announced From The Creator Of Akira

by Tito W. James

At Anime Expo 2019, legendary manga artist Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) announced his next feature film project titled Orbital Era and animated by Sunrise (Cowboy Bebop). Otomo will serve as the writer and lead designer for the film. 

The plot takes place in the near-future on a space colony under construction. It is an action-adventure story following the lives of some young boys in this peculiar environment and society as they are tossed around by fate. “The reality found in mankind’s future” will be depicted through their perspective.

Otomo also announced a new anime TV series adaptation of the Akira manga. There were many elements in the manga that never made it into the original 1988 film. The live-action adaption of Akira directed by Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnarok) is currently slated for May 21, 2021.

Akira is one of the most influential anime films of all time spawning numerous imitators and parodies. It remains to be seen whether Otomo’s work can set the world on fire again or if Akira is stuck under its own enormous shadow.

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