The Scrambler Strikes Back: Preview Wonder Twins #6 From Russell And Byrne

by Olly MacNamee

I’ll be interested to see how this week’s issue plays out considering it was meant to be the last in the series. But, thanks to an extended run, this is but the half way mark, as The Scrambler – a real stand-out character of the series so far – levels up to becoming a genuine super villain and holding the world to ransom. Time to send in the heavy hitters as Jayna and Zan team up with the Justice League. It’s all kicking off in Wonder Twins #6 written by Mark Russell and drawn by Stephen Byrne coming at you from Wonder Comics/DC Comics.

The Scrambler has given the world one month to fix everything—or else suffer “The Great Scramble,” a dastardly plot that would swap the consciousnesses of everyone on the planet. As the scramble before the scramble commences, the Wonder Twins must team up with the Justice League to put a stop to the Scrambler’s plan! But an unexpected twist puts Jayna in conflict with the Justice League—will she choose the path of justice even if it means losing her best friend?

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