Art For Art’s Sake Special: Bill Sienkiewicz’s Unpublished Batman Is Posted Online

by Richard Bruton

Every so often the comics world is left scratching their collective heads and wondering what the hell was [insert name of publisher here] thinking of by not publishing such and such from this great writer/artist.

Usually, however, the unpublished work remains just that, unpublished, we might know about it but we rarely see it.

Case in point… imagine if you’re DC Comics and you’ve commissioned a Batman story with the art to be done by Bill Sienkiewicz? Surely, no matter what, you’d find some way of getting the damn thing out there somehow? Well, you’d think, wouldn’t you?

Well, not in this case. Thankfully, the writer of said Batman story, David Lapham, has shared the entire story with us all, for free (right here – PDF) – think of it as Christmas coming early. It was a story that was meant to be published in Detective Comics #801, as part of Lapham’s 12-issue story arc, “City of Crime“. Sienkiewicz was slated to be the series artist and completed the first issue, Detective Comics #801. But, it was not to be and Sienkiewicz had to leave the series run. Instead of using his art, editor Bob Shreck took the decision to not publish that issue with Sienkiewicz and instead chose new artists, Roman Bachs and Nathan Massengill.

Thanks to Lapham, we have a little glimpse of the way things could have been. And so can you, just head here and download the PDF.

And here… just a glimpse of what could have been…

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