Nintendo Introduces New Switch Model: Nintendo Switch Lite

by Sage Ashford

After two and a half years on the market, Nintendo has decided to introduce a new variant model for their smash hit hybrid console the Nintendo Switch, in the form of the Nintendo Switch Lite.   While the Nintendo Switch was meant to be both a home and handheld console, the Switch Lite is intended to be more of an on the go machine.  The system will launch in three colors: yellow, gray, and turquoise.
The ad above shows the Switch in a variety of environments, from kids at a local park ranging all the way to (yes, seriously) an astronaut in space. Because even when you’re traveling to the moon, who doesn’t want to see how Mario beats Bowser this time around.
The Nintendo Switch Lite does come with some limitations however.  It can’t connect to a television like the original system, and it lacks the HD Rumble and IR Camera, and it’s been redesigned to be a single system rather than having detachable Joycons, though consumers can still purchase Joycons and use them with the Switch Lite for multi-player games.  Also, there are some Nintendo Switch games which don’t support handheld mode, meaning they won’t be able to work on the Switch Lite.  Fortunately Nintendo helpfully pointed out how to tell which games do or don’t support handheld mode with some nifty back of the box information on every game.
Variations on the original Switch console have been rumored as far back as the middle of 2018, when it was reported Nintendo was working on different versions of the Switch to fit different life styles for gamers. Initially, there were supposed to be two alternate models of the Switch–a smaller, handheld-centric version, and a more powerful version of the console, essentially a Switch Pro.  While the Switch Lite is now not only confirmed but has a firm release date, it remains to be seen if the Switch Pro is real, and if it is whether it’s a priority for Nintendo in a year where they’ll have one of their biggest fall line-ups yet and already have one model of the system to push.  If it does exist, it’s probably much more likely that Nintendo will launch the second, upgraded variant sometime next year.  Perhaps in the Spring, to coincide with the launch of the original system?   Hopefully it’ll come with some manner of a price drop for the base system as well.
With all these alterations to the original console, the Nintendo Switch Lite gets one major benefit: it’s vastly cheaper than the original system, which still has a Suggested Retail Price of $299.99. The Nintendo Switch Lite will and launch this fall on September 20th, and retail for $199.99.

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