SDCC 2019 – Action Lab: Danger Zone Unveils New Cyberpunk Series Killswitch

by James Ferguson

Fans attending San Diego Comic-Con will get a chance to check out Killswitch early. Not scheduled to officially debut until October 2019, Killswitch #1 will feature an SDCC exclusive available at the Action Lab: Danger Zone booth (#1737). The cyberpunk series from writers Jeffrey and Susan Bridges, artist Walter Geovani, colorist Brittany Peer, and letterer Simon Bowland is perfect for fans of Blade Runner and Mad Max Fury Road. The SDCC exclusive cover comes from artist Diana Van Damme.

Co-writer Jeffrey Bridges says:

Society has conditioned us to think about or treat people in certain ways that breed inequality and injustice, and once you realize that, you can change. You can choose to do better. To be better. Even if it’s hard.

Killswitch takes places in a future where clairvoyant Augurs are used for their powers, but feared. They’re held captive and persecuted. A disaffected military major is shocked into action by the grim realities of their treatment. Putting her life and career on the line, she sets out to help them escape.

Co-writer Susan Bridges adds:

This book features a wide array of diverse characters that represent the world we actually live in, and we’ve put women front and center. It’s a new spin on the cyberpunk genre, exploring themes of personal truth, societal injustice, and the things we do to each other in the name of the greater good.

Jeffrey and Susan Bridges will be on hand to sign the SDCC exclusive copies of Killswitch #1 on July 18th from 1 PM to 2 PM and on July 20th from 5 PM to 6 PM.

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