The Latter Half Of Krypton’s Second Season Teased In New Preview

by Erik Amaya

The second season of Krypton has been a pretty wild ride. But based on this preview for the latter half of the season, it is only going to get crazier. Dru-Zod (Colin Salmon) gets his fleet ready with Earth seemingly as its first target. Doomsday finally becomes the immanent threat while Brainiac (Blake Ritson) continues to make Seg-El’s (Cameron Cuffe) life very difficult. And if that’s not enough, the Main Man (Emmett J. Scanlan) will make his way to “Craptown” in an attempt to get Seg’s help. Considering their last encounter, Lobo must have a big ask in mind if he’s setting aside getting cheated. Also, the rebellion appears to go on the offensive, which is great as standing around in caves really isn’t doing them any favors.

Meanwhile, the death of Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) is a big shock. But it leaves us wondering about the sanctity of the timestream. We’ve already seen from Adam’s (Shaun Sipos) trip to the bottled City of Detroit that time is malleable. And yet, Lyta’s death has not effected Dru one wit. In fact, none of his meddling in the past has changed him in any way. You would think all Seg and Lyta needed to do was commit to no binding and he’d disappear. Either he’s a Zod from another dimension or he’s not really Lyta and Seg’s son. If only there were a Linear Man to help us unravel this time mystery.

Krypton airs Wednesdays on Syfy.

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