Lashana Lynch Reportedly The New 007 (But Not James Bond) In Bond 25

by Erik Amaya


Lashana Lynch will reportedly be part of Her Majesty’s Secret Service when the 25th official James Bond film rolls out next year.
GQ reports Lynch’s character, Nomi, will be James Bond’s (Daniel Craig) replacement in the 00 section at MI6. As previous reports indicate, the film will see a retired Bond enjoying life in Jamaica when his old CIA play Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) recruits him for an off-book mission. Meanwhile, you can bet your last pound that M (Ralph Fiennes) dispatches the new 007 to deal with Bond and Leiter’s scheme.
Of course, GQ’s source on this is the Daily Mail, which first published their report on Sunday to an expectant tizzy of headlines about a black, female James Bond. The rag can occasionally get things right, but they also know Bond rumors sell papers and get clicks. Nonetheless, the idea of a new 007 is interesting. It is also fraught with potential problems as the new 007 could be quickly killed, turn out to be working for Spectre (reports also indicate Christoph Waltz will return as Blofeld), or Bond’s next sexual conquest. No matter what the film’s plan for Nomi, however, you can expect Bond to be 007 again and reporting to M by the film’s end.
Bond 25 is set for release on April 8th, 2020.

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