Valiant’s Roku Stars In Her First Series By Bunn And Bachs This October

by Tony Thornley

Ever since he debut in Matt Kindt’s Ninjak several years ago, Roku has been an exciting addition to the Valiant Universe. Now she’s returning in a big way, in her own series this October!

Coming from writer Cullen Bunn, line artist Ramon Bachs, color artist Stéphane Paitreau, and letterer Dave Sharpe, Roku is a four issue mini series debuting this October, featuring the villainous mercenary tearing through the Valiant Universe’s dark underbelly. The series is also slated to have covers by great artists such as Viktor KalvachevDave JohnsonMarc Laming, and Howard Chaykin!

Promo art by Dave Johnson

“I wanted this story to show off a dark underbelly of the Valiant Universe,” Bunn said about what drew him to the series, “a corner of the world populated by powerful criminal organizations. My hope is that these criminal outfits start plaguing other Valiant characters. Really, I’m just here to cause trouble.”

In his hype, Bachs said Roku has such a terrific hairstyle I can’t wait to draw! Cullen’s a great writer and a wonderful person. I am very lucky to be working with him again!”

Series editor Lysa Hawkins is excited to unleash the assassin on the Valiant Universe again. “The ultimate weapon, without compromise, without compassion and without a care,” she said. “Roku answers to only one higher calling: herself. So what’s there not to love about her?”

Watch here for more information about the series as it comes available, check out a five page preview below and check out Roku #1 when it arrives October 30, 2019 from Valiant Entertainment.

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