Young Justice #7 Dives Into The Multiverse

by Tony Thornley

At the end of Young Justice’s first arc, the newly reformed team was sent away from Gemworld. In Young Justice #7 we discover where they went…and it wasn’t home.

Brian Michael Bendis, John Timms, Dan Hipp, David LaFuente, Gabe Eltaeb, and Wes Abbott take us on a guided tour of the multiverse.

Young Justice bounces through several realities as they attempt to grasp what’s happened to them. Finally they end up on Earth-22, the reality of Kingdom Come, where they have to convince the Justice League of who they are and what has happened to them. Can they make it home, or will their journey push them deeper into the multiverse?

This issue is a bit of a mixed bag. On the positive side, the team interactions and characterization continues to be the highlight of the series, as the veterans do their best to figure out how to get home, and the newest recruits lose it. The first two realities they visit are a lot of fun, one a take on a “kids’ DCU” and the other a welcome return to the world of the Zoo Crew (which is easily the best part of the issue).

The downside is in Earth-22. The Justice League feels a bit off, with Superman in particular acting incredibly detached, and Dr. Fate is a huge doofus. Several of the scenes that follow abruptly jump from one moment to the next, skipping entire conversations and fights.

The art team is fantastic in this issue. Hipp and LaFuente tackle the first two worlds, and sell the humor of Bendis’ script really well. I would love to see LaFuente do a Zoo Crew series, as his talent for physical comedy is on full display. Timms is able to convey the majesty of the Kingdom Come heroes, with several double great page splashes and a great sense of flow throughout the slower moments.

Young Justice’s journey home is just getting started, and if the cliffhanger of this issue is any indication, they’re going to have to fight for it.

Young Justice #7 is available now from DC Comics.

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