Laughs In Space: Preview The Orville #1 From Dark Horse

by Olly MacNamee

While IDW may have the rights for Star Trek comics for the foreseeable future, Dark Horse can claim a victory in their acquisition of The Orville, which sees its crew’s comic book debut this week. Billed as a two-parter, The Orville #1 promises to pick up directly from where the second series finished up. Written by The Orville Executive Producer David A. Goodman and illustrated by David Cabeza and colors by Michael Atiyeh, check out or preview of this week’s issue.

On their way to a fleet conference via shuttle, Ed and Gordon pick up a distress signal from a century-old buoy belonging to a Union ship and decide to investigate. Meanwhile, back on the Orville, Kelly tries to mediate when Bortus insists on enrolling Topa into school even though he is only a few months old.

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