SDCC 2019: Tom Cruise Unveils First Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Because all sorts of films can have their moment at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Tom Cruise stopped by the convention to release a trailer for the upcoming Paramount production of Top Gun: Maverick. The sequel finds Cruise’s character in a career holding pattern. But at least there’s still volleyball to play and songs to sing. Maybe Maverick’s life isn’t so bad. In fact, this trailer makes a 60-year-old Navy captain’s world seem positively glamorous.

Of course, we were distracted by a desiccated Ed Harris, who appears briefly to chastise Maverick’s choices and tell him the end is coming. Considering this is one of the most absurd 20-years-later sequels ever made, we don’t believe the studio invested the money in this just to make it the conclusion of a would-be franchise.

Top Gun: Maverick opens sometime in 2020.

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