Sleeping Beauties By Stephen And Owen King To Be Adapted By IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Based on the best selling novel by Stephen King and Owen King, IDW’s Sleeping Beauties will be adapted to a 10 part comic book series by author Rio Youers (The Forgotten Girl) and artist Alison Sampson (Winnebago Graveyard). And, wile there’s no interior art yet, there is this plot overview to share with you for now:

Sleeping Beauties explores a world where women have sunken into a deep, cocooned slumber, their dreams taking them to an idyllic other place. They can only wake if disturbed, which results in violent, feral behavior. Meanwhile, the men have inherited the Earth, their society devolving into barbarism. Provocative and absorbing, Sleeping Beauties is a gripping dark fantasy of gender dynamics, individuality, and toxic masculinity.

A rather contemporary horror fantasy, then, judging from this synopsis. Will you be adding it to your pull lists?

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