Ellis And Hitch Reunite For The Batman’s Grave From DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch – this pesky creators of The Authority – are coming together again to work on a new comic book, featuring Batman. The Batman’s Grave will be a 12 issue series “about life, death and the questions most are too afraid to ask,” and a case that forces Batman to inhabit the mind of a murder victim with a half-eaten face. DC Comics have posted some black and white naked art and an Alfred who is straight up modelled on David Niven, who would have made the perfect butler to Batsy, if they’d made a 1970’s film. Perfect casting.

For Ellis, this has been a gig 25 years in the offing, as he tells DC:

My very first work at DC was two issues of Legends of the Dark Knight, so it’s been twenty-five years since I did a full-length story with the Batman. I’ve decided to revisit the crime scene where my career in American comics began, and I’m so grateful that my old comrade Bryan Hitch is doing this midnight run with me. It’s been too many years since we last did a long campaign together.

Along for the ride is artist Kevin Nowlan, who’s the perfect fit alongside Hitch. And, from these pages, it’s looking pretty good, don’t you think?
Look out for The Batman’s Grave #1 this Fall from DC Comics

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