Fallen World #3 Tries To Prevent Another Apocalypse

by Tony Thornley

One of the Valiant Universe’s greatest villains has returned. In Fallen World #3, the question is whether they can stop Father before he regains power…


Dan Abnett, Adam Pollina, Ulises Arreola, and Jeff Powell continue the Valiant Universe’s future saga.

Father, in possession of Bloodshot’s body and calling himself Bloodfather, is awake and ready to take control of the world again, with only Rai, Gilad and the Geomancer to stop him. However, Rai is captive of one of the surface’s many tribes, and Gilad and Geomancer are deep within Earth’s core. Can they find the help they need to stop Father and save the world?

Abnett raises the stakes in this issue, which is all about escalation. He gives each of his characters a quest with solid stakes, even Father. There’s also quite a bit of world building, but it’s done in a subtle way that doesn’t feel like an infodump or exposition.

Pollina’s work is a lot of fun. He does some great action choreography, with layouts that emphasize the action, sometimes with a static camera, others with wide splash pages. His work is much more polished than in previous issues, which seems to emphasize the increased danger our heroes find themselves in. Arreola does amazing work on the color art, using a color pallette the evokes natural light (since most artificial light in this world is dead), and adding a layer of brilliant bright colors in the splash pages.

Things are racing forward for the future heroes of the Valiant Universe, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Fallen World #3 is available now from Valiant Entertainment.

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