Why HBO Should Make A New Spawn Animated Series

by Tito W. James

With Spawn’s recored-breaking 300th issue coming up I decided to watch the Spawn animated series on HBO. After viewing the series I’m convinced that the show was way ahead of it’s time and HBO should consider brining Spawn back to TV.

The Spawn animated series was intended for mature audiences and embraced HBO’s patient for adult content, nudity, graphic violence, and gritty crime. It’s the kind of adult animation that should appeal to fans of Devilman Crybaby or Love, Death, and Robots.

In the show CIA operative Al Simmons was betrayed and assassinated by his own agency before returning to earth as a Hellspawn. The story follows Spawn’s as he navigates a network of government conspiracies and cover-ups while trying to negate a war between heaven and hell.

The Spawn series at it’s best is a thriller that explores humanity’s true evils; crime, political corruption, religious extremism, hate groups, and terrorism. The character of Spawn acts as a ghost who’s rarely seen but always felt.

What To Keep

Keep the political intrigue from the original series. Spawn managed to ride the line between crime thriller and supernatural horror. The antics of shadow-broker Jason Wynn always kept me eagerly anticipating what would happen next.

Keep Keith David as the voice of Spawn. David will be resuming his role as Spawn for the Mortal Kombat DLC character. David’s performance is unparalleled. Kieth David is the definitive voice of Spawn in the same way Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman. David has continued his work as a voice actor and is currently voicing roles on Final Space and Rick and Morty. He’s only gotten better as an actor so it makes sense to cast him.

What To Change

Start the story with Spawn Resurrection; that could even be the title of the new series. In this version, Spawn has a mouth that can articulate, a more relatable human form, and a big badass sword. It’s a good modernization that doesn’t stray too far from the character’s roots.

Cast Tom Kenny as The Violator. Tom Kenny is known for his work as Spongebob and the Ice King. However, it was Kenny’s performance as the Penguin that made me think he’s perfect to play the violator. Kenny can play villains and as a voice actor who’s synonymous with a childhood favorite character it will be twice as disturbing to hear him as a demonic clown.

Drop the “Wanda” plot-line and give Spawn potential love interests. While there is a sense of tragedy associated with Spawn pining after his ex-wife, this plot-thread has narrative limitations. Wanda has moved on with her life, maybe Spawn should too. This opens up the possibility of Spawn having a romance with other supernatural entities. Bring on the sexy demons!

This new series should highlight Spawn’s combative capabilities. The fights of the first series mostley took place in shadow. For the new show I want to see more over-the-top action. Give me commando Spawn!

Spawn’s cape could move in a similar way as Julith’s in the clip above.

There could also be high-contrast sequences with heavy shadows like in Samurai Jack.

HBO should reboot Spawn because the concept is perfect for today’s audience. Spawn will be making comic book history this year and viewers are ready for more black superheroes. There’s a need for narrative-driven animated shows for adults.

I hope we get a new Spawn animated series. Until then do yourself a favor and watch the first three seasons right now on HBO.

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