Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 – The Black Order Adds Cyclops And Colossus As Free DLC

by Sage Ashford

After it’s surprise showing at The Game Awards in December, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 has gradually worked its way into becoming a highly anticipated game for Nintendo Switch users. Though it isn’t the same team behind the game this time around (as Raven Studios is busy working on Call of Duty), Team Ninja has put together a colorful vision of the Marvel universe that gamers can’t wait to explore thanks to recent films like Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home.  Their game also has a massive roster, with over two dozen characters playable without even counting the DLC.

Still, at the start of San Diego Comic Con, Marvel and Nintendo managed to announce even more characters coming to the roster at their Marvel Games panel.  It appears both Cyclops and Colossus will be added to the game via a free update coming to the game on August 30th.  The panel also confirmed Loki as a playable character in the game itself, and confirmed the characters contained in the first DLC pack, the Marvel Knights.  The first four characters include Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher, and Morbius.  This will be the first of three DLC packs in the game’s season pass, with the other two including X-Men and Fantastic Four.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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