SDCC 2019: Kotobukiya Celebrates 10 Years Of Bishoujo & More

by Gary Catig

Kotobukiya, the company known for their statues and model kits, is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their Bishoujo line. At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, they revealed what they have in store for their “Beautiful Girls” along with other products fans can expect in the future.

On the DC Bishoujo front, those who were waiting for the Mary statue, can be pleased to know that it’s finally coming after some delay. They also revealed for the first time, concept art and a mold of Poison Ivy.

On the Marvel side, the Dark Phoenix will be coming in Winter 2020.

Next summer, Beetlejuice will be joining the line. It will be the first horror addition since Michael Myers.

In addition, they have several Bishoujo statues from Hasbro related properties. They showed the final product for Fluttershy and the sculpt for Rarity from My Little Pony. For Rarity, they wanted to stress how fashionable she was and they gave her pony with fuller eye lashes to showcase her personality.

The final Baroness was shown along with the next GI JOE statue, Lady Jaye.

There is a male equivalent, Ikemen line, where they showed the final Joker that was teased back in December.

Other DC products include ARTFX statues for Nightwing and Raven. These will be the first in a Teen Titans collection.

Break out character, the Batman Who Laughs, will receive an ARTFX statue as well.

There are plenty of Marvel selections in the future also. Two ARTFX+ statues are coming from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Miles Morales will receive his own statue with a new base to help accentuate a unique pose. Spider-Man Noir is expected to be released in the winter of next year.

Though few details were given, there will be a new Marvel Studios Commemorative series that will highlight scenes and characters from the MCU. There will be an Endgame Captain America and Iron Man in the series. Expect an update at NYCC.

Other new Marvel statues will be Cosmic Ghost Rider, Black Panther and Loki. They will have female centric statues with the theme of reflections. Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Silk and Captain Marvel will be included in this series. A separate series will highlight the X-Men with Colossus, Cyclops & Wolverine.

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