Jughead’s Time Police #2 Is Pure Fun In Comic Book Form

by James Ferguson

Jughead Jones has been busted by January McAndrews of the Time Police. Instead of hauling him in, she’s helping him out because Jughead is a bit of an icon in her time. He’s inspired fashion, technology, and food to a great extent. Will Jughead be swept up in this future timeline? Or will he destroy time for the sake of a pie contest?

It’s impossible to read Jughead’s Time Police without a smile on your face. This is pure fun in comic book form. You can’t help but get swept up in Jughead’s wide-eyed enthusiasm at everything he’s encountering. Colorist Matt Herms makes the character sparkle with all the bright neon lights popping off the buildings, cars, and big signs. This is a utopian future where people are cool and food is plentiful.

Artist Derek Charm’s style is a perfect fit for this comedic romp through time. The characters are super expressive which adds to the funny moments, like the perfect capper to a joke. These expressions come into play towards the end of this issue where a twist unfolds, taking the story into a deeper mystery.

This is very much a future time with hoverboards, flying cars, and more. When you think of a sci-fi future, this is what you’d probably imagine. I love how at home Jughead is in all this, not really acting like a stranger in a strange land. He just goes with the flow, especially since there’s food involved.

Letterer Jack Morelli peppers in some explosive word balloons, reinforcing the future time line. The phrase “Time Thieves” pops on the page like a big logo, introducing them. This happens a couple times throughout the issue to great effect.

Although he’s been swept up with this future world, Jughead still longs for home. Writer Sina Grace delivers a really touching moment where the character realizes what’s really important to him. Yes, burgers and milkshakes are up there, but it’s not the same without his friends.

If anyone is going to travel through time on a madcap adventure, it would have to be Jughead. This book is as insane as it is hilarious. Judging by the twists and turns of this issue, it looks like we’re getting a bit of a time conspiracy in addition to all our fun and games.

Jughead’s Time Police #2 from Archie Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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