Mahershala Ali Will Play Blade In The MCU

by Tito W. James

News from SDCC just broke that Marvel is actively working on bringing the Fantastic Four and X-Men into the MCU. However, the news that got the biggest reaction from the crowed was the revelation that Mahershala Ali (True Detective Series 3) would be playing Blade in his own feature film.

The vampire/human hybrid is a character long overdue for a revamp (pun intended). Ali’s performance in Spider-Verse alone has me excited to see this new incarnation. This could also mean more tonal variety in the MCU. I can’t imagine Blade being in the same jokey PG-13 territory as Thor or Guardians of The Galaxy. But if Blade maintains the seriousness of Black Panther and the hard-R rating from the original trilogy we could witness something truly unique.

Also I hope Marvel Comics will come to their senses and finally let Ronald Wimberly do his take on the character.

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