X-Force #10 Braces For The Unknown

by Tony Thornley

In a little under a year, we’ve seen Marvel’s second most-popular mutant team reform and go through a series of highs and lows. In X-Force #10 we see that adventure come to a close and our heroes step into the unknown…

Cover by Valero Schitti & Mattia Iacono

Ed Brisson, Dylan Burnett, Jesus Abuterov, and Cory Petit bring Cable and X-Force’s latest journey to a close in this issue.

Rachel Summers is awake, and she is angry. Now Stryfe not only has to battle X-Force but also their most powerful ally- a woman of nearly god-like telepathic power. Will X-Force win the day, and what’s next for them?

This issue starts really fun and then has some bumps in the denouement. For the positives, Brisson’s Rachel is fantastic. After 9 issues of Rachel being controlled by one force after another, she’s free, she’s angry and she’s at her very best. I really wish we could see more of Brisson with this version of Rachel, as this issue is one of the best versions of her we’ve gotten in years. The rest of the team gets good solid moments as well, but the issue falls short thanks to one character- Cable.

Once again, the second half of the issue shifts into the Cable show, drawing focus away from most everyone else. He’s become a bit of a Marty Stu through this run, and this issue actually indulges some of the classic Mary Sue/Marty Stu tropes. It’s really frustrating, because the arc had made strides away from that, and we’re unfortunately back where we started by the end of the issue.

Burnett and Abuterov’s work is fantastic though. Their take on Rachel is ethereal and majestic, with the line art holding her up above the other characters on the page, and the colors bathing her in yellow and red. Their depiction of Stryfe is another highlight, making the boy who would be king petulant and pathetic. I definitely will miss their take on the characters.

So in the end, the series was good. It definitely did too much to prop up this new version of Cable, and the series suffers a bit because of it. The second half of the series was much better though, and a stronger ensemble piece. Honestly, I’m excited to see where these characters go next, and I hope Brisson and Burnett both have something to do with it.

X-Force #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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