Capcom Announces Mega Man X DiVE, An Action RPG For Smart Phones

by Sage Ashford

This week, Capcom Taiwan announced a new Mega Man game…designed specifically for smart phones. Yes, fans will have to use their iPhones or Android products if they want to pick up the latest game featuring the Blue Bomber.  Capcom Taiwan’s page talks more about the game, which seems to draw heavily from older Mega Man X titles:

“Deep Log.” The digital world where the Mega Man X series games were stored. Also the memory of “You” as a player….
The “Deep Log” appears to be abnormal for unknown reasons. All stages, Mavericks, and all the characters from the Mega Man X series are mixed up because of game errors.
Come, players! Get into the Deep Log, defeat the Mavericks, and get the game data repaired.

Currently, there’s no further information available on when the game will come out, only that it is in development as a free to play game for Android and iOS.

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