Saving The G.I.R.L Expo With The Unstoppable Wasp #10

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
A.I.M has attacked the G.I.R.L Science Expo and has taken many of its organizers hostage. Janet van Dyne, aka the original Wasp, is unconscious and at the mercy of Fantasma, a phasing shapeshifter. Nadia van Dyne, the Unstoppable Wasp, is doing everything she can to save Jan and the Expo. Elsewhere, Monica Rappaccini is watching over Shay, Ying, and Priya, and Taina is hiding from A.I.M footsoldiers when she finds an active plant and an old toy. Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier and Mockingbird are investigating an old Red Room site in Siberia and trying to escape the killer drones within.

The Unstoppable Wasp #10 cover by Stacey Lee
The Unstoppable Wasp #10 cover by Stacey Lee

The Unstoppable Wasp #10 is, unfortunately, the final issue in the latest Nadia van Dyne series. The G.I.R.L Expo and all of Nadia’s friends are on the line, and it’ll take everyone working together to stop Monica Rappaccini and A.I.M from destroying everything G.I.R.L has built.
Like much of this series, Unstoppable Wasp #10 is fast-moving, fast-talking, and all-around energetic. Nadia is a fun and free-wheeling protagonist, and she pushes the comic’s tone to be the same.
All things considered, Jeremy Whitley does a pretty darn good job of wrapping up everything. The A.I.M threat has a lot of facets to it this time around, but Whitley gives it a fairly clean ending while wrapping up all of the G.I.R.L scientist plotlines in a satisfying manner.
The drawback to this is an ample amount of text in the back half that slows up the pace a good bit. It’s understandable given the circumstances, but it is a bit of an impediment to this issue’s overall quality.
The Unstoppable Wasp #10 art by Gurihiru and letterer VC's Joe Caramagna
The Unstoppable Wasp #10 art by Gurihiru and letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Gurihiru finishes out the series at its artist, and, consequently, Unstoppable Wasp gets to finish with its traditionally energetic, sleek, and fairly cute visual style. Gurihiru does a good job of keeping the action scenes impactful and satisfying as well, and the color palette is always explosive and vibrant.
Unstoppable Wasp #10 brings Nadia van Dyne’s latest series to a premature yet delightful ending. Jeremy Whitley wraps up the story well, and Gurihiru ensures that the book finishes strong visually. This one is worth a recommendation for sure. Feel free to check it out.
Unstoppable Wasp #10 comes to us from writer Jeremy Whitley, artist Gurihiru, letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna, and cover artist Stacey Lee.
Final Score: 7/10

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