Silver Surfer: Black #2 Takes Us On An Insane Tour Through The Cosmic Marvel Universe

by James Ferguson

The Silver Surfer has emerged from a black hole on the far side of the galaxy at the dawn of time. The strain has turned one of his hands a dark black as the power cosmic wanes. He’s going to need to muster all of his strength as this journey has put him face-to-face with Knull, the God of the Symbiotes.

I am continually impressed by how writer Donny Cates can weave in so many aspects to his stories. If you were playing a game like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon in the Marvel Universe, you might have a hard time connecting the dots between Venom and the Silver Surfer, yet Cates makes it look easy here. Knull is a perfect fit for this story and the obstacles the sentinel of the spaceways is up against.

Knull is a very real threat, very much capable of throwing down with the biggest and the baddest of the cosmos. Artist Tradd Moore makes him look as formidable as he is terrifying. At times he towers over the Surfer like a monster of death and destruction. It’s fascinating that Knull simultaneously looks sickly and terrifying.

Letterer Clayton Cowles gives Knull a menacing voice with scratchy red word balloons. You can imagine his menacing tone as he toys with the Surfer, preparing to destroy his prey. This gets even more frightening as the god gets angry. If you could personify rage, this is what it would look like.

Moore’s style is a perfect fit for Silver Surfer: Black. Since we’re dealing with these incredible powers that can literally stretch the fabric of space and time, it makes sense that the artwork would do the same. The Surfer’s body is malleable, twisting and contorting to dodge Knull’s ever-changing and non-stop attacks.

This quality extends to Dave Stewart’s colors as well. Every image in this book would be suitable for the most insane metal album covers of all time. You can practically hear the wicked guitar solos thundering in the background as these two powerhouses collide.

I wondered for a brief moment how the creative team could top the amazing debut issue of Silver Surfer: Black. Then we got the second chapter and it completely blew me away. This is like a tour through the trippy sides of the cosmic Marvel Universe. It shows how vast and crazy the characters that inhabit this space are, putting in perspective the seemingly petty troubles of the heroes on Earth. How would someone like Captain America handle Knull?

Silver Surfer: Black #2 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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