Checking Out The Pink Ranger, Beast-X Ultrazord & More From Hasbro At SDCC 2019

by Gary Catig

The Power Rangers have over a 25 year history in the U.S. and is a franchise that can be currently found on television, comics and toys. This year, at San Diego Comic Con, a panel was held to update fans about the property on all its different fronts. Big news came out of the presentation including upcoming additions to the action figure line from Hasbro.
Wave 2 of the premium, six-inch, Lightning Collection was announced. The latest additions to the line are the Beast Morphers Red Ranger and Gold Ranger, the Lost Galaxy Magna Defender, and the fan favorite, Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger. They will be released this fall for $19.99 and can be pre-ordered right now.

Also coming to the Lightning Collection this fall is a special 2-pack with Fighting Spirit Green Ranger and Mighty Morphin Putty. This set will cost $39.99.

The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Beast-X Ultrazord Ultimate collection will be available this fall as well for $159.99. All five Converting Zords are included and collectors are able to build any combination including the Beast-X Megazord. The Zords can change between several modes providing different options for play and display. The set also has five Power Ranger mini figures and an elevator platform accessory. It will be exclusively sold by

Finally, for those who enjoy the roleplay items, there will be a Mighty Morphin White Ranger Premium Collection Helmet. It is inspired by Tommy Oliver’s iconic White Ranger Helmet from the original series and will retail for $79.99. It is up for pre-order and will arrive late fall of this year.

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