Infinite Dark #8 Finds Rebirth In Death And Light In Darkness

by Tony Thornley

In eight issues, Infinite Dark has told a horrifying tale of humanity at the end, as the last survivors of humanity face the heat death of the universe and the terrifying monster that lives at the end. However, the series shifted gears at its midpoint, and with its conclusion in this issue, becomes something more.

Cover by Nick Roche

Ryan Cady, Andrea Mutti, K. Michael Russell, and Troy Peteri close the book of the Orpheus… for now.

Deva Karrell has only a precious few moments to determine whether the Entropy entity that continues to haunt the Orpheus is real or just a remnant of the monster that nearly killed her as the universe died. The crew has only moments to solve this ultimate mystery. Are they all that’s left or are they about the become the explorers of a new universe?

Cady capitalizes on the horror of the unknown in this issue, to great effect. The first arc was all about the crushing horror of the end, a massive metaphor for death, but it ended on a triumphant note- there could be more after death, and there is hope for mankind. Then for four issues, he’s kept that hopeful tone, while addressing a new kind of horror- but what if there isn’t something there? Is there life after death? It’s deep, heady and terrifying… and then it ends. It’s a perfect ending to this series, and a wonderful capstone to Cady’s point. I never thought when I started reading about a year ago that we’d get this wonderful of an ending.

Mutti and Russell’s artistic shift has greatly helped the book. Mutti shifts between more clear and rigid lines to sketchy and chaotic cartooning as things change in the story, going back and forth between hope and chaos. He knew exactly what Cady was going for and in his script and puts it on the page. Russell uses different colors of light to convey tone and emotion, with blues especially giving us hope.

I’m going to miss this series. It’s been a weird balance of tones, but it’s the sort of story that hasn’t happened often. I’m sorry to see it end, but I’m looking forward to picking up the collection later.

Infinite Dark #8 is available now from Top Cow Productions/Image Comics.

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