Delve Into The Birth Of Reality In The History Of The Marvel Universe Trailer

by James Ferguson

The History of the Marvel Universe has begun and Marvel Comics has a lot in store for us. Secrets will be revealed in this new series that digs into the entire history of the Marvel Universe from the big bang to the heat death of the universe. To celebrate, the publisher has released the below launch trailer featuring Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and writer Mark Waid.

Writer Mark Waid says:

It’s a series made not just for hardcore Marvel fans, although they will love it. If there’s anything you loved about the Marvel Universe, it’s in this book somewhere.

The History of the Marvel Universe looks at the countless stories that have happened there over the years. Everything from Gods and Eternals to cowboys and mutants to monsters, heroes, and villains will get their due as this series looks at the millennia-spanning saga. All this, and a story of Galactus and Franklin Richards in the twilight of reality.

Tom Brevoort added:

It really is a visual cornucopia. You’ll be able to stare at these pages for hours at a time and find new things that are in them.

The History of the Marvel Universe #1 is available now at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle. It’s written by Mark Waid, illustrated by Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez, and lettered by Joe Caramagna.

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