Art For Art’s Sake # 9 – You Wanna See Some Great Art?

by Richard Bruton

It’s that time again, where I take you through some of the great art that’s dazzled my eyes this week. It’s the Comicon Art For Art’s Sake… enjoy.
First up, Deep Dark Fears is always fun – user submitted fears, just like this one… Lucky duck. A fear submitted by Malin to – books and links and stuff at

Great Swamp Thing by David Hitchcock

And while we’re talking Swampy – here’s a new Steve Bissette sketch…

One of Britain’s very best – Andi Watson

Aneke Murillenem – Red Sonja…

Mike Collins did the storyboards for the recent BBC/Amazon Good Omens adaptation… great series, great art…

John McCrea – Patrick McGoohan commission…

Jack Cole and Alex Kotzky – Plastic Man #14 (1948)

Jonathan Edwards – ‘Work in progress. A fruit & veg boat on the canal in Venice. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to draw it.

Leonardo Manco doing a ROM sketchcover…

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell – “Concept art from the Gentleman’s club in Laika’s Missing Link.”

Carlos Ezquerra – cover to The Apocalypse War

Colleen Doran – The Riddler. Pre-convention cover sketch. Watercolor and colored inks

More Colleen Doran – Sandman commission. I hadn’t done any watercolors in over a year when I did this. Turned out kinda creepy!

David Roach posts up this classic Moebius page – recently bought by someone for $87,500

William Simpson – Rogue Trooper from War Machine…

Brian Michael Bendis knows a good artist when he sees one – and he’s not wrong with Phil Jimenez.


And finally, this from the Guardian, profiling artist John Hewitt. Since 2013, Hewitt has been making daily sketches inspired by his encounters during dog walks. He’s up to 2,400 sketches now, featuring the world around him of Saddleworth Moor and Manchester.
Not necessarily comics, but that’s the fun of doing this… I get to show you some great art… (hat tip to Ian Edginton for the link)

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