Bringing Together The Best Things In Life With ‘Comics And Cocktails’ By Jeremy Haun

by Josh Davison

Do you love comic books? Do you love drinking? Do you love drinking while reading comics? (I’ve definitely done it). What if you could learn how to mix new and interesting cocktails while still reading a comic?
Comic artist Jeremy Haun, who has worked on projects such as The Realm, Batwoman, The Beauty, and Batman: Arkham Reborn has you covered with his new project: Comics and Cocktails. It is a bi-weekly project that delivers drink recipes in the style of a comic book. It will also include discussion on making drinks, process work, and illustrations of the bar and barware.

Artwork from Batman: Arkham Reborn #1 by Jeremy Haun, John Kalisz, and letterer Sal Cipriano
Artwork from Batman: Arkham Reborn #1 by Jeremy Haun, John Kalisz, and letterer Sal Cipriano

The project is being launched exclusively through Patreon, so you’ll need to be a supporter to get the full scope of the recipes, sketches, process, and other bonus content. He does periodically put out free posts as well, many of which are aimed at being more fun and goofy–though some are recipes of their own. Becoming a supporter is only $5.00 a month, so it doesn’t take much to get access to these recipes and other content.
Plus, after a year, Jeremy will take a bundle of about 20 and put them into a hardcover recipe book.
Artwork from New 52 Batwoman #30 by Jeremy Haun
Artwork from New 52 Batwoman #30 by Jeremy Haun

Here is what Jeremy Haun himself has to say about the project:

This is a project that brings together my love of both the comics medium and crafting a tasty beverage. I’ve chosen to do this project exclusively via Patreon. It allows me to get this project straight into the hands of fans. Starting this summer, I’ll be doing bi-weekly comic style recipes for my favorite cocktails. I’ll also be including illustrations of bottles, ingredients, and barware. If you like comics and you like cocktails, this is for you!

So consider supporting Comics and Cocktails on Patreon. Jeremy Haun is a talented artist with a lot of experience in the industry, and this looks to be a fun way to merge is artistic talents with his passion for mixing cocktails.
The Patreon page for Comics and Cocktails can be found at:

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