Rom: Dire Wraiths Tells The Terrifying Truth Of The Moon Landing

by Olly MacNamee

You’d have to be living under a moon rock to not know that we have just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Well, IDW are taking this historical moment and revolving a whole mini-series around it starring everyone’s favourite space knight, Rom, in Rom: Dire Wraiths, a three-part comic book miniseries about Earth’s incomparable heroes – the astronauts whose mission among the stars brought them face-to-face with the Dire Wraiths, the shape-shifting scourge of the universe. Written by Chris Ryall, an old-school Rom fan and the mastermind behind IDW’s Rom comic book renaissance, and  illustrated by Luca Pizzari, issue one is set to land this October in a comic book store near you.

They made it past the initial nail-biting part of the journey, with a speedy liftoff from Merritt Island. They were thrown left and right against their straps in spasmodic little jerks as they rode into orbit and steered insanely fast into space. But that would not be the biggest challenge they would face. As they set foot on the moon, they found something inhuman waiting for them, ready to hitch a ride back to Earth! With Rom the Spaceknight seemingly nowhere in sight, only a handful of intrepid astronauts can prevent one giant leap for Dire Wraith-kind!

Oh, and that’s not all. Rom: Dire Wraiths will include a special back-up story with art by Guy Dorian (Rom, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero) and Rom legend Sal Buscema (The Incredible Hulk, Spectacular Spider-Man), answering the question of where Rom is during the crisis.

Let the countdown begin to this new series this October.

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