Black Lighting Shifts Premiere Dates And Joins Crossover “Crisis”

by Erik Amaya

Black Lightning has always stood apart from the other Greg Berlanti-produced shows on The CW. Originally developed for FOX, it was never really designed to crossover with the Arrowverse even as it made references to heroes in other cities and the comic books themselves. As a heavily serialized show with a short episode order — and the only CW superhero show produced outside of Vancouver — it seemed impossible for its story to pause so Black Lightning (Cress Williams) or Thunder (Nafessa Williams) could head of to Earth-1 for a visit.

But this is about to change.

Williams first revealed on Instagram that “what the fans wanted” was about to become a reality with the network confirming on Sunday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that Black Lighting characters will appear in December’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event. It is about damned time.

The move suggests The CW has added confidence about the series this year. Underscoring that confidence: the network also bumped up the third season’s premiere date. Originally scheduled to debut on October 21st in a traditional staggered debut scheme, the series will now premiere on October 7th — the same week as the Arrowverse shows. It seems pretty clear the networks wants Black Lightning to be perceived as an Arrowverse show, and with executive producer Salim Akil once mentioning he had a three-year plan for the program, the additional ties to the larger TV offers a way for the series to continue beyond his original design.

Which seems like the right move as the show’s cast has been stellar in the previous seasons even if the storytelling has been a little obscure at times.

Black Lighting returns October 7th on The CW.

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