C-C-C-Combo Breaker! Aubrey Sitterson And Fico Ossio Talk No One Left To Fight

by James Ferguson

No One Left to Fight from Dark Horse Comics hit me like a Kamehameha blast to the face. This comic spoke right to my inner child and I quickly became enamored with it. You can imagine my excitement when I got a chance to speak with writer Aubrey Sitterson and artist Fico Ossio about the book, its influences, and their combo moves.

James Ferguson: I see so many influences in No One Left to Fight from Dragon Ball to Street Fighter. How did movies, TV shows, and video games like this lead to the look and feel of No One Left to Fight?

Fico Ossio: No One Left to Fight is our love letter to all those shows and characters! But I wouldn’t say that any of them led directly to the book’s aesthetic. All those influences are there and have been since we started designing the characters and the world, but our real goal wasn’t to recreate our favorites, but rather, to recreate the way they made us feel when we first experienced them.

Aubrey Sitterson: I started watching Dragon Ball with Z and didn’t go back to the original series until years later. One of the things that really hit me about the first episode was how deep and complex this world was; all the characters knew each other, had a ton of backstory that was only briefly mentioned, and more of them showed up all the time! That depth and complexity was what instantly hooked me about Dragon Ball Z, and it’s something that we’ve worked really hard to accomplish with No One Left to Fight, without the benefits of a long-running prior series!

JF: Are you a Goku or a Vegeta guy? I feel like the answer to this question will provide deeper insight into how to view this series.

FO: I’m a Piccolo guy. Hah!

AS: I started watching Dragon Ball Z as a particularly angsty teenager, so how could I not love a prince who knew he was the best, knew he was the greatest, knew that he had an incredible destiny to fulfill, but was stymied at every turn by some goofy, happy-go-lucky oaf?

JF: You can cut the tension between Vale and Timor with a knife. How would you describe the rivalry between these two characters?

FO: It’s a complicated one. They’ve known each other since they were babies, but they’re also rivals. So there’s a lot of respect – maybe even some love – but there’s also a lot of resentment that comes from decades of competition.

AS: We don’t try to hide the fact that Vâle & Timór are heavily influenced by Goku & Vegeta, respectively. These are characters that have been around for decades, and have taken up residence in the zeitgeist, so we’re thrilled to have a chance to explore what have become pop culture archetypes. But as the series progresses – even by the end of the first issue – I think it will become clear that there are some pretty major differences between Vâle & Timór and Goku & Vegeta. But discovering what those differences are is a big part of experiencing the story!

JF: If you had your own combo move, what would it be?

FO: It would be a combo breaker! Or maybe just the Kamehameha! Such an iconic move; I love it.

AS: First, a running, jumping knee that knocks my opponent up into the air so high they get lost in the sun. Then I leap up after them, catch up with them as they start falling down, then clobber them in the back of the head with a double axe handle, sending them hurtling back down to the earth, where they make impact and create a massive crater.

I’ve thought about this a little bit.

JF: What else can fans expect from No One Left to Fight?

FO: I think readers will be surprised by the fact that amidst all the big fights, at the core of No One Left to Fight sits a profound, heartfelt story. And since No One Left to Fight is a road story, they should expect to see a ton of the massive world and extensive lore that we’ve built out…and will hopefully get to return to for years to come!

AS: Between all the history and backstory we’ve developed, the more mysterious aspects of issue #1, and all of Fico’s absolutely bananas designs, we’ve been getting a ton of questions about what comes next. I’ve been keeping all that stuff close to the chest though, because so much of what we love about No One Left to Fight is the journey that it takes readers on, not only the twists and turns, but the gaps and empty spaces that readers will want to fill in on their own. I don’t want to spoil that for anyone, especially since with an instant sell-out on issue #1, mainstream attention from the likes of Entertainment Weekly and Newsweek, and universal critical praise…I think people are digging the approach!

So, suffice to say that fans can continue to expect us to deliver THE COMIC YOU ALWAYS WANTED.

The second printing of No One Left to Fight #1 is set for release on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 along with issue #2. We’d like to thank Aubrey Sitterson and Fico Ossio for speaking with us today.

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