Granblue Fantasy: Versus Announces An Action RPG Mode

by Sage Ashford

ArcSystemWorks has released a Japanese trailer about the story mode for their upcoming fighting game, Granblue Fantasy Versus.  The new story mode is described by the GBVS website as an “RPG mode”.

GBVS introduces a brand new story featuring your favorite Granblue Fantasy characters. Chaos has befallen the Sky Realm, leaving Gran with no choice but to fight against his former allies. In order for him to identify the source of the growing havoc and save his comrades, the airship Grandcypher takes flight once again into uncharted skies.

The story mode seems to be fully featured, offering not only quests to complete the story mode, but the ability to customize your character.  Gran will be able to equip different weapons and skills for different opponents.  He’ll also be able to use support skills which can heal or debuff.
The game also features quest battles, which can be handled either solo or with a partner, which can be local or online.  Finally, playing through RPG mode will also unlock certain content in the game’s library, such as additional character stories or illustrations.  Players will even be able to play through finished story missions again.
Granblue Fantasy Versus launches in Japan on PlayStation 4 on February 6th, 2020.  There’s no worldwide release date confirmed yet.

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