The Titans Debate Their Name In Season 2 Preview

by Erik Amaya

DC Entertainment has released a first-look tease at the upcoming second season of Titans. After a recap of events from the first year — and reminding us Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) is currently a thrall of Trigon (Seamus Dever) — it cuts to a surprising moment: Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen) discussing the Titans by name. In a seeming retcon from the first season, the team Dick, Donna (Conor Leslie), Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly) formed in their teen years was called “The Titans.” And now, Rachel (Teagan Croft) wonders if her team will also be The Titans.

Oh, yeah, and Deathstroke (Esai Morales) makes a brief appearance at the end there. For as much as the first year was about being fatherless, the second season appears to be centered on fathers, with Rachel dealing with Trigon, Dick and Bruce apparently on speaking terms, and Deathstroke looking for his children. They make their way to the Titans, which can only lead to a new animosity between Dick and Slade. Well, presuming their old battles will be part of the backstory and not fodder for upcoming storylines.

Titans returns September 6th on DC Universe.

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