ArcSystemWorks Announces New Guilty Gear Title

by Sage Ashford

During EVO 2019, ArcSystemWorks confirmed they were working on a new Guilty Gear game with a teaser trailer.  Though it’s only one minute long, we were shown two characters who look an awful lot like Ky Kisuke and Sol Badguy in a bit of combat. The game also reveals a new character after the combat snippet–a samurai with a pair of blades who summons an ominous mask to cover his face to end the trailer.

Despite the game being said to release in 2020, no additional news or information about platforms was provided.  While it’s possible ASW simply assumed people would know the game was launching on current-gen consoles, it’s equally possible they either aren’t sure what platforms the game will be releasing on yet, or they’ll possibly be releasing these for next-gen consoles as well. While the PS5 and Xbox Next consoles won’t be out until late 2020 at the earliest, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this game slip into 2021 the same way Granblue Fantasy Versus slipped from 2019 to early 2020.

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