Action-RPG Genshin Impact Comes To PS4 In 2020

by Sage Ashford

MiHoYo’s action-RPG Genshin Impact has confirmed it’s coming to PlayStation 4 next year. The game made an appearance at PlayStation’s ChinaJoy booth earlier this month as a playable demo.

Genshin Impact invites players to the world of Teyvat, a land with seven different city-states that all have their own unique look and feel to them. Players will be invited to explore each of these seven lands and discover their secrets, with over 30 different characters to choose from.  Each character has their own element, which can react differently with the environment around the player both for combat and puzzle-solving purposes.

Players can have a party of up to four, and are invited to play the game solo with only AI assistance, or bring in other friends to play alongside them.

More at the PlayStation blog. Genshin Impact will launch worldwide for the PlayStation 4 in 2020.

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