An Old Warrior Rises Again In Crone From Dark Horse Comics

by James Ferguson

We’re familiar with the idea of a thief heading out for one last job, but what about a warrior raising her sword for a final battle? Writer Dennis Culver and artist Justin Greenwood are playing with this idea in Crone, a new five-issue mini-series coming in November from Dark Horse Comics.

Writer Dennis Culver says:

This is a story I’ve long wanted to tell. Crone is about facing death after a long life of regret and trying to rise to the challenge of making up for your mistakes when given one last chance.

Crone follows the Sword Saviour and Champion of Men who was once known as Bloody Bliss. She’s little more than a reclusive old woman now. When an old enemy returns, Bliss must once again save the Three Kingdoms, but does she have enough strength to go through with this?

Artist Justin Greenwood added:

The idea of our old Crone having to battle her way back to a dangerous life she’d long put away was enough to make me want to jump in but Dennis has surprised me with every issue, creating a world that marries the darkness and wonder that I like best in a fantasy story.

Brad Simpson is handling colors for Crone and Pat Brosseau is on board for letters.

Culver continued:

The art team behind Crone is nothing short of amazing. Justin and Brad are like chocolate and peanut butter when it comes to the visuals and Pat’s logo alone for the book makes the whole thing next level. You’ll want to get in early on this one!

Crone #1 is set for release on November 6th, 2019 and is currently available for pre-order.

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