Mystery, Emotion, And Adventure – Infinity Train Reviewed

by Tito W. James

Infinity Train is a fresh addition to Cartoon Network’s roster of high quality animated shows. Infinity Train embraces Cartoon Network’s signature deadpan humor juxtaposed with high-concepts while dispensing with the sugar-fueled randomness that have plagued too many animated shows.

Infinity Train offers a “back to basics” approach that forgoes trends in favor of character development. It’s these principles that make the show a joy to watch and I hope are emulated in cartoons to come.

Tulip’s quest on a never-ending train is a perfect modernization of Alice In Wonderland; complete with unreliable animal allies and an impending sense of danger. Tulip’s emotional journey of learning to cope with her parents’ divorce is nuanced and realistic.

We need more shows like Infinity Train. Shows that explore the human condition and the challenges that today’s youth actually face. We need shows that exist to tell stories worth telling and not simply selling action figures and tee-shirts.

The mysteries, adventure, and fun will continue when Infinity Train rides into our lives once again.

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