Henry Golding To Star As Snake Eyes In G.I. Joe Spinoff

by Erik Amaya

Henry Golding is the new face of Snake Eyes — which suggests the character will finally have a face.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Crazy Rich Asians actor is in talks to star in the upcoming G.I. Joe spinoff Snake Eyes. The project will be directed by Divergent series veteran Robert Schwentke from a script by Evan Spiliotopoulos. The plot will reportedly feature the masked commando/ninja infiltrated a ninja clan to obtain vengeance for his father, but gaining acceptance along the way.

The character was one of a member of the original line-up when Hasbro reintroduced the G.I. Joe line in the early 1980s. According to the designers, the toyline needed one more hero, and having run out of tooling money, they just produced an all-black version of a standard Joe body with a hastily designed ski mask. The commando character quickly became the most popular because of his mysterious design. The mystery continued onto the G.I. Joe cartoon series and comics, where he evolved into a mute ninja.

In the two G.I. Joe feature films, Snake Eyes was portrayed by actor Ray Park. In both cases, the character was a highlight as both studio and filmmakers tried to combine elements of the toys, comics, and cartoons into crowd-pleasing action films. Neither was exactly creatively successful.

Nonetheless, Paramount is soldiering on with projects like Snake Eyes and a film featuring G.I. Joe spy Chuckles.

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