Roy Of The Rovers 65th Anniversary Special: Celebrating The Most Famous Footballer In The World

by Richard Bruton

Roy Race… the most famous footballer in the world and an icon to generations of fans over the last 65 years. Now, on that 65th anniversary of his first appearance in 1954, Rebellion are publishing a worthy celebration of the stories, the creators, and the fans that have made Roy of the Rovers the legend that live on today!

Inside the 65th anniversary special, you can find plenty of articles covering the legend that is Roy Race, from his very earliest appearance through to the present day.

It includes features on 1966, top 50 Roy Moments, Roy’s most successful editor Barrie Tomlinson, a look at my personal favourite Roy of the Rovers era, that of the 90s monthly, what it meant to reboot a legend with the current Roy series of graphic novels, and artist focus features on Joe Colquhoun, Yvonne Hutton, David Sque, and Lisa Henke.

Alongside the articles, you’ll find relevant comics, including the very first three Roy tales in Tiger issues 1-3, 1954, possibly the most famous Roy moment in ‘Who Shot Roy Race?’ from 1981, and the RotR Monthly strip where we see Roy Race Jr take over from his wheelchair-bound dad from 1994.

Contributors include Roy of the Rovers writers Tom Palmer and Rob Williams, artists Lisa Henke and Ben Willsher, plus Kate Coe, Richard Edwards, Bobby McGill, David Thomas Moore, Seb Patrick, Simon Robinson, David Slinn, Karl Stock, Mark Thomas, and Rich Tustian.

All in all, it’s a really good mix of all things Roy, with a healthy number of well-written and informative articles alongside the strips, and good coverage of all the eras of RotR. No matter when you were a fan, there’s something here for you. And for those that were never fans… it’s a fascinating exploration of a cultural icon and his importance to the last 65 years.

The Roy of the Rovers 65th Anniversary Special is released from Rebellion on 11 September.

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