Sunstar Finds God In Second Coming #2 From Russell, Kirk, Pace And Ahoy Comics

by Olly MacNamee

In issue #2 of Second Coming by Mark Russell, Leonard Kirk, Richard Pace, Andy Troy and Rob Steen Sunstar finds God. But, is this version of God one he should be listening to?
As our worldly hero continues to come to grips with his own problems – both professionally and privately – he seems to make the same mistakes over and over again, and a trip to Heaven with Jesus’s dad doesn’t really help. If anything, it allows him to justify his continued actions on Earth and cause further pain and destruction, even if it’s more by accident than by design. Might is most definitely not right, and it’s down to Jesus to try and counter-argue against his father’s more pro-active approach to humans.

Now that the dust has settled on the supposed controversy around this book, maybe more people will give it a look (although, best of luck finding a first issue at your local comic book store) as it’s written from a place of love and understanding of The Bible and its teachings by Russell, who not only reminds readers of the peaceful nature of Jesus’ teachings but holds up a mirror to modern day super heroics, too. Maybe even modern day America too, as it returns to a world view in which actions are taken, seemingly, without much thought about the human or ethical fallout? If anything, it’s a parody of the superhero genre, with pastiches of Aquaman and Batman making brief appearances, as Sunstar seeks some solace in attending a support group for capes in the opening pages of this issue. When you think with your fists first, people will get hurt. Whether Sunstar will learn from others and develop as a person, is still to be seen, but his trip to Heaven with a very grounded and frank God doesn’t really help.

With more of the action occurring on Earth in this issue, Kirk does a lot of the heavy lifting if we’re taking about pages illustrated, but when you stare at the amazing pages Pace has produced when Sunstar travels to Heaven, you can understand why there’s a division of labour in this book. I’m really enjoying major events of the Bible as recollected by God. Seems his whole take on his part in the creation of everything is rather blasé at times. Although, that attitude doesn’t extend to his son, who we learn was on a tight lockdown when it came to Earth’s development since his departure from Earth. Russell certainly has an ear for voices and each character is given a very distinct voice and identity which only makes this book even more engaging.
But, by the end of this issue, has Sunstar learnt anything from Jesus? You can tell me, when you pick up the issue this week.
Second Coming #2 is out now from Ahoy Comics.

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