Superman/Batman: DC Comics Superheroes Are Infected This November

by Olly MacNamee

The DCU is getting a real bashing from all corners at the moment, and it looks like there’s no letting up anytime soon, as word comes to us of a series of six special issues – including one-shots – spinning out of the new Superman/Batman series. Called Infected, each special issue will deal with one of the six superheroes who have been infect by The Batman Who Laughs and will run parallel to the events unfolding in Superman/Batman.

Starting with the release of The Infected: King Shazam! #1 on November 6th by writer Sina Grace (Iceman, Go Go Power Rangers) and artist Joe Bennett (The Terrifics, The Immortal Hulk), to be followed by The Infected: Scarab #1 on November 20th, written by Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum (Sea of Stars, The Astonishing Spider-Man) with art by Freddie E. Williams II (Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man/Thundercats). Both issues will feature covers by David Marquez and Dean White. 

While fans got hints of The Infected in The Batman Who Laughs by Scott Snyder and Jock and have seen the brutality of a jacked-up, Dark Multiverse-infected Shazam! in previews of Batman/Superman, the scope of the deadly pathogen unleashed by The Batman Who Laughs, himself a twisted Dark Multiverse version of Bruce Wayne, has yet to be realized.

Following these comics will be Hawkman #18 on November 13th, written by Robert Venditti with art by Pat Olliffe and Tom Palmer, and Supergirl #36 on November 13th, written by Marc Andreyko with art by Eduardo Pansica and Julio Ferreira.

Seems that even the World’s Greatest Detective will be stumped as to who is infected and who isn’t. All six of The Infected will be revealed in Batman/Superman #4 by Joshua Williamson and David Marquez this November 27th.

As for who will be the last two infected, you’ll have to wait and see, but there are clues to be had in this double-page promo from DC Comics a week or so ago. Keep an eye out on this characters holding their necks and faces.

So, that’ll be Donna Troy and Green Lantern then, right?

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