It’s A Boomerang/Spidey Team-Up In Amazing Spider-Man #27

by James Ferguson

Spider-Man is caught in the middle of a battle between Boomerang and the newly formed, adjective-less Syndicate. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, Aunt May is in the crossfire too. Peter Parker’s life has led him through some unbelievable adventures, but he never thought he’d find himself on a super hero team-up with his idiot roommate.

Boomerang has become a fascinating character over the course of Amazing Spider-Man. I should hate him, but I can’t help but love him. Writer Nick Spencer has turn me around on this character. Yes, he’s selfish, inconsiderate, and dumb as a box of rocks, yet he’s super fun to read. He’s also very earnest, trying his hardest to prove to everyone, especially Spider-Man that he’s a good guy now. Boomerang is still very much tempted by the dark side though. This all adds together for a pretty interesting story.
This is amplified by Boomerang’s interactions with Spider-Man. You can tell that this is the last situation the wall-crawler ever expected to find himself in. If Boomerang would just get out of his way, he’d probably be able to take down all six members of the Syndicate by himself. Instead, they’re basically tripping over each other trying to land attacks. I half expected the Benny Hill theme music to start playing during this battle.

Artist Kev Walker illustrates this well with a varied panel layout that adds to the chaotic nature of the fight. My head was on a swivel reading Amazing Spider-Man #27 just to keep up with the action. Letterer Joe Caramagna enhances this scene with some great sound effect placement. I like how most of them are color coded to the attacks. Every Syndicate member is involved in the fight. This complements how they’re positioning themselves.
Since this fight is taking place in the remnants of the F.E.A.S.T. Center, it’s covered in dirt and grime. Inker John Dell pulls that texture in amid all the action. This contrasts well with the bright, clean lights of the Syndicate’s base.

The Syndicate has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Each member has been passed by or insulted by the super villain community and they’ve decided to band together to commit crimes in a smart way. They’re treating it like a legitimate business and this is already paying dividends. It’s also a great message of empowerment that’s only partially shaded by the fact that they’re criminals.
The color scheme for the Syndicate is a little heavy on greens based on the characters involved, especially with Beetle, Electro, and Scorpia. I’m happy about this because it shows some range. Since they’re all female characters, they could have been covered in pink and purples. Sure, Beetle’s costume is green and purple, but you get the idea. Colorist Laura Martin uses a darker shade of green here that highlights the more serious nature the team is taking on.

While the threat of Hybrid still looms in the distance, I’m glad that Amazing Spider-Man still finds time for some of the quirky fun that’s core to the character. Even Peter Parker has to take a moment at times to marvel at how crazy his life can be. This is a perfect example. The fact that the lovable, yet idiotic Boomerang is in the mix is only adding to the fun. That is something I never thought I’d say. This issue has some nice twists and turns by the end that will set up some interesting payoffs later on.
Amazing Spider-Man #27 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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