Loki #2 Gives Us Nightmares

by Tony Thornley

What happens when an amoral immortal finally has broken the cycle that has dominated his entire existence? Loki #2 helps the sometimes villain, sometimes anti-hero find a new purpose as he pays an old friend a visit.

Cover by Ozgur Yildirim

Daniel Kibblesmith, Oscar Bazaldua, David Curiel, and Clayton Cowles puts Loki on the path to heroism.

Loki drops in on Stark Unlimited, which is naturally an unwelcome surprise for Iron Man. He’s on a mission to find more meaning, and after his visit to the library of the Gods, joining the Avengers might be exactly what he needs. However, he’s too busy getting rejected to realize a greater threat than boredom is waiting for him… a Nightmare…

The plot here is very simple, but the character work is its strength. The interactions between Loki and Stark and Loki and Thor are both engrossing, funny and show growth on Loki’s part. Kibblesmith draws you in and keeps you engaged. However the best part of the issue is the extended sequence starring Nightmare.

In just a few pages, Kibblesmith is able to transform a character that I’ve always found more interesting in concept than in execution. Here he’s absolutely terrifying. In the space of three panels he’s able to completely ruin the life of a nameless background character, and it genuinely made my jaw drop in the execution.

Bazaldua’s characters have so much personality. The first splash page of Loki standing in the middle of the Stark Unlimited lobby is incredibly funny, but you also find yourself instantly drawn to him. That’s not to discount the Nightmare sequence. He changes tones quickly, and delivers a sequence that starts with cosmic horror, then turns into a personal nightmare with a simple close-up on the demon.

Loki’s new journey is just getting started, but it’s already absolutely off on the wrong foot. But for us readers, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Loki #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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