Travel Inside Ego, The Living Planet, In Silver Surfer: Black #3

by James Ferguson

The Silver Surfer’s powers are fading and his arm has gone black. That doesn’t mean his adventures are over. Ego, the living planet has helped out Norrin Radd and now the Surfer aims to return the favor by eliminating a cancer that’s eating away at him.

Just when I thought Silver Surfer: Black couldn’t get any crazier, the creative team ups the ante. Artist Tradd Moore has crafted a visual tour de force that bends reality around the trippy powers of the Silver Surfer. This is a comic unlike any other. I can spend hours pouring through this artwork, discovering new details and intricacies with each viewing.
Moore shows the liquid nature of the Surfer’s abilities, particular with his board. It morphs and changes based on his needs. There’s an incredible sequence where he journey’s into Ego’s core. His body twists and contorts into bizarre and inhuman angles, cutting through the pain and obstacles to reach his goal.

Colorist Dave Stewart amplifies this a thousand fold with a vibrant array of colors that really speak to the crazy cosmic feel of this book. This is particularly true for Ego, who’s shown as an ever-shifting mass of colors. It’s like he has no lines or contours. You don’t know where one part of him ends and another begins.
If Ego’s surface is fascinating to dissect, his core is even more so. It’s a startling array of colors, swirling every which way to create this psychedelic experience like no other. It speaks to the adventures that only the Silver Surfer can get into. It’s crazy to think that this kind of stuff exists in the same universe as something like Spider-Man and Captain America.

Letterer Clayton Cowles guides us through this chaos with expert efficiency. Each of the Surfer’s thoughts are placed in such a way as to shepherd us along, focusing the eye on the key elements of each image. Cowles is responsible for my favorite sequence, the climax of Norrin Radd’s nightmare where each word in his frightening thought is shown in its own box, centered on the page that comes with such gravitas.

Silver Surfer: Black is not just a thrilling ride through the cosmic Marvel Universe. It’s taking us through both space and time. Writer Donny Cates is playing with tons of possibilities and delivering an absolutely amazing story that perfectly captures this awesome and powerful character. In short, this is awesome.
Silver Surfer: Black #3 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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